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Service Administration Software

The rising popularity of retailing has revolutionized the servicing industry. Annual Maintenance Contracts and servicing-at-your-doorstep were unheard of concepts till even a decade ago. The rapidly changing dynamics of the sales and servicing industry has made it imperative for servicing agencies, both big and small, to take action swiftly. Technology is an obvious answer.

So you have billing systems, inventory management systems, customer databases, etc., to manage various aspects of your business. But as your business scales, you soon find that each of these "systems" do not "talk" to each other and you end up spending a good amount of your time reconciling these divergent systems. But obviously, time spent on making your internal systems work, only means loss of precious time that could otherwise have been spent talking to your customers.

What you need is one single solutions that handles all aspects of your business end-to-end without the need for manual intervention or reconciliation. The Organizer is perhaps that solution you are looking for.